Emmeline at Manhattan School of Music

"Bass Robert Ellsworth Feng was Pastor Avery, calling down hellfire and brimstone.” 


      – [Q]onStage - New York's Performances & Arts Reviews


From Prince Igor (Russian Opera Workshop

“The Khan himself, ROBERT ELLSWORTH FENG, revealed and reveled in a charismatic lyric bass.”


       – LOVEIT - Lew's Opera Views and Experiences in Tempo

Robert Ellsworth Feng has a Passion for Performing

“The thickness and resonance of Robert’s voice, combined with his excellent use of vibrato, make for a very full and powerful sound that is so suited to his Bass-Baritone range. Just from watching him perform, it is clear that this man displays an immense knowledge of the technical aspects of his instrument and years of dedication and persistence. Perhaps even more important than his technical mastery of the voice however, is the passion in his performance, and his ability to engage an audience. Whenever Robert sings a new piece, it seems as if he is taking on a different persona in order to emphasize the mood and emotions of the particular piece. Robert is more than just a singer, he is an entertainer.”


       – Cameron Kuwada, Producer, Drummer of Kuwada

Robert Ellsworth Feng is a Dynamic Performer

"Robert Feng's voice has a depth to his tone quality and a mature sound. There is a darkness and thickness to his tone as he sings the more driving repertoire, and a youthful fervor when he sings more legato pieces. Robert is a dynamic performer. His energy as he performs is infectious and full of life.” 


      – Catherine Goto, Soprano