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Having Guests for Dinner
Nicholas Bentz

A Comic Horror Opera in One Act

Having Guests for Dinner (2020) is a comic horror opera in one act with music by Nicholas Bentz. 

When Marcus and Laura arrive at their friend's coworker's house for a dinner party, things take an unexpected turn for the macabre. Over the course of the dinner, the couple becomes increasingly suspicious that their elegant host is a full-blown cannibal. Curious guests always make the best food in this dark comedy!

Having Guests for Dinner received its virtual premiere as a 16 minute long micro-opera with New Opera West and will receive its full length premiere later in 2023.

HGFD Poster.jpeg
Pictured: Anthony Moreno as Christoph Aberfeld

Premiere: June 17, 2020 at New Opera West

Length: 16 Minutes (Premiere Mini-Version as Shown Above)

              1 Hour 30 Minutes (Full Length Version)

(Scored for S-T-B)

Premiere Cast:

Janet Szepei Todd (soprano) - Laura
Edmond Rodriguez (tenor) - Marcus
Anthony Moreno (baritone) - Christoph Aberfeld

Mark Lanz Weiser - piano/music director

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