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Chew On This
Libretto by Robert Feng, Composed by Yunfei Li

A Micro-Opera.

On the last day of January, 2024, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew was repeatedly asked by Senator Tom Cotton (R-ARK) if he was a member of the Chinese Communist Party...despite being from Singapore. In this satirical retelling of America's latest victory against communism, Mr.Chew's senate hearing is interrupted by a time loop that seems to have him answer the same question, "are you a member of the Chinese Communist Party?" over and over, with each loop getting increasingly absurd. 

The opera opens with this disclaimer: 

Despite what you see here, this is a work of fiction.

Despite what you may believe, satire isn't real. 

We know this can be hard for some people. 

But rest assured, this is a work of fiction for your amusement, nothing more. 

A wise man once said: 

"All characters and events in this show - 

even those based on real people -

are entirely fictional. 

All celebrity voices are impersonated...poorly."

Now please, enjoy the show!

NBC Tweet.jpg
Tweet by NBC News

"I know I'm seen before I'm heard"

This opera was commissioned by No Divide KC and Lyric Opera of Kansas City as part of their 2024 CAYA Fellowship.

Three Composer-Librettist teams will present their works on June 15, 2024 in Kansas City.

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