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Having Guests for Dinner (2020/2023)
Libretto by Robert Feng, Composed by Nick Bentz

A Comic-Horror Opera in One Act

Having Guests for Dinner (2020) is a comic horror opera in one act with music by Nick Bentz. 

When Marcus and Laura arrive at their friend's coworker's house for a dinner party, things take an unexpected turn for the macabre. Over the course of the dinner, the couple becomes increasingly suspicious that their elegant host is actually a cannibal. Curious guests always make the best food in this dark comedy!

Having Guests for Dinner received its virtual premiere as a 16 minute long micro-opera with New Opera West and received its full length premiere in February 2024 with SUNY Fredonia, the Western NY Chamber Orchestra, and Kor Productions.

SUNY Fredonia Poster.jpeg
HGFD Poster.jpg

Full-Length Premiere: February 18, 2024 

at SUNY Fredonia, Rosch Recital Hall

with WYNCO & /Kor/ Productions

Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes (Full Length Version)

(Scored for S-T-B + 2 Spoken)

Premiere Cast:

Mia Mandineau - Laura
Dan Novak - Marcus
Patrick Connolly - Christoph Aberfeld

Dominic Townsend - Police Officer 1 / Christoph cover

Bridgette Turner - Police Officer 2

Glen Cortese - Conductor

Julie Newell - Director

James Welch - piano

HGFD Poster 2.jpg

"Curious guests always make the best food!"

Virtual Premiere: June 17, 2020 at New Opera West

Length: 16 Minutes (Micro-Opera Version)

1 Hour 30 Minutes (Full Length Version)

(Scored for S-T-B)

Premiere Cast:

Janet Szepei Todd (soprano) - Laura
Edmond Rodriguez (tenor) - Marcus
Anthony Moreno (baritone) - Christoph Aberfeld

Mark Lanz Weiser - piano/music director

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