Mikylvxka Hllupo

Nicholas Bentz

For Bass-Baritone and Piano

Text by Robert Ellsworth Feng

Video TBA

Premiere: November 2017 

Mikylvxka Hllupo (2017) is a collaborative project between Robert Ellsworth Feng and composer Nicholas Bentz. Robert was the one to approach Mr.Bentz about the project, presenting him with an original poem that he wished to be put to music. 

From the Bentz's own words, "The text follows an unnamed speaker’s hallucinatory journey through its crests and troughs, reaching ecstatic highs and ultimately a sublimely horrifying descent into the dark plains of the human un-conscience as they come face to face with an incomprehensible terror.


The piece travels along this mental odyssey as the speaker unravels their consciousness and is exposed to rapturously illuminating beings, but then is led to a cataclysmic realm of unheralded dismay and unadulterated monstrosities . . . 


Mixing [inspirations from H.P. Lovecraft’s various works and Nobuhiko Obayashi’s House] with Robert’s original text yields what I hope is a piece steeped in a sense of contrasting euphoria and horror, meaning and non-meaning, and the sublime."

To contact the composer, please visit  http://www.nicholasbentz.net

Painting by Robert Ellsworth Feng