Projections (2017)

Terrence J. Martin

For Bass-Baritone and Piano

Text by Robert Ellsworth Feng

Premiere: March 3, 2018

Projections (2017) is a collaborative project between Robert Ellsworth Feng and composer Terrence J. Martin. Robert was the one to approach Mr.Martin about the project, presenting him with an original poem cycle that he wished to be put to music. 

From Martin's own words, "The text tells the story of a character on the first steps of their journey from passionate to compassionate love. They struggle with having a false projection of another, a common side effect of extreme passionate love, which threatens to tear them apart. However, after reflection, they destroy the projection they created to make room for a truer image of the person they love."

There is something to be said about the human condition and the shocking potential people seem to possess to do equally great feats of benevolence and of cruelty to one another. There is always a reason or a justification though to these actions, and our protagonist in this story is no different. And at the end of this is just a projection of what we could all become: We have the power to perform just as many acts of horror as we can acts of kindness. 

I. Suffering

II. Fantasy 1

III. Stranger

IV. Fantasy 2

V. Mantra

Painting by Emily Kofsky