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Composed by Terrence J. Martin, Text by Robert Feng

For Bass Voice and Piano

Projections (written 2017, premiered 2018) is a song cycle with music by Terrence J. Martin and text by Robert Ellsworth Feng, which explores the pitfalls of obsession and idolization.

From Martin's own words, "The text tells the story of a character on the first steps of their journey from passionate to compassionate love. They struggle with having a false projection of another, a common side effect of extreme passionate love, which threatens to tear them apart. However, after reflection, they destroy the projection they created to make room for a truer image of the person they love."

This song cycle is in 5 movements, which become increasingly out of touch with reality, culminating in a cryptic and esoteric prayer. 

I. Suffering

II. Fantasy 1

III. Stranger

IV. Fantasy 2

V. Mantra

Painting by Emily Kofsky

Premiere: March 3, 2018 at Peabody Conservatory

Length: 11 Minutes

Premiere Ensemble: 

Robert Ellsworth Feng, bass

Chelsea de Souza, collaborative pianist

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