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Libretto by Robert Feng, Composed by Nick Bentz

An Opera in Four Acts with Prologue

Salmo is a grand space opera in four acts with prologue composed by Nick Bentz. 

In 2096, unchecked climate change and overconsumption of resources has pushed humanity to the brink of extinction. Amid civil unrest, water wars, and global food shortages, the UN unveils their plan to save the human race: The Ark Survivor Project.  

Six people representing the pillars of society are chosen to embark on an odyssey spanning multiple generations to reach the nearest habitable planet and save the human race with the Seed of Eden - a machine capable of recreating life with DNA alone. These six astronauts are: Captain, Doctor, Scientist, Counselor, Judge, and Orator. 

On this journey, what will survive, what will be lost, and will mankind keep its humanity in tact by the end?  

Workshop premiere to be performed TBA.

Salmo Poster.jpg

"The ark was made to escape its contents."

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