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You do not recognize the bodies in the water

Libretto by Robert Feng, Composed by Felix Jarrar

An Opera in One Act

You do not recognize the bodies in the water (2022) is a horror opera in one act with music by Felix Jarrar. This work is Robert Feng's second opera and Felix Jarrar's thirteenth opera.

Mysterious disappearances at a lake going back a hundred years, a secret organization, a woman accused of arson searching for the truth, and at the center of it all, simply the phrase "You do not recognize the bodies in the water." 

Bodies follows Mariah Atkins, a curious prisoner assigned to the research of a string of disappearances in exchange for her freedom; and Dr.Wendy Leong, the authoritarian head of the investigation. Based on the world of the SCP-Foundation and Djkaktus' entry of SCP-2316, this opera explores trauma through the lens of supernatural horror.

This opera had it's workshop premiere at OPERA America in the Charles MacKay Studio.  

Bodies banner.jpg

"It knows you better than you know yourself,
and brings your soul to its knees."

Premiere: November 22, 2022

at OPERA America

Length: 1 Hour

(Scored for S-Zw-Mz-Br-Bs and SSBB ensemble)

Premiere Cast:

Taylor-Alexis DuPont (mezzo-soprano) - Mariah
Katharine Burns (soprano) - Dr. Wendy Leong
Darrell J. Jordan (baritone) - Mark
Annie Chester (mezzo-soprano) - Carol
Robert Feng (bass) - Interviewer

Bodies (chorus):
Rachel Hanauer (soprano)
Emma Dickinson (soprano)
Robert Feng (bass)
Jason Adamo (bass)

Felix Jarrar - piano/music director

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